Visitor's information

Address: #7, Aleksandrovskii Park, St. Petersburg
Metro station – Gorgovskaya
Phone/Fax: (812) 498 09 34, (812) 232 02 96

To order a guided tour -  (812) 232 02 96

Opening Hours:

Wednesdays – Sundays
11.00 -18.00
Ticket windows shut one hour before the museum closes
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and the last Thursday of the month

Guided tours in the musuem

General tours:

General stages in developing Russian artillery
History of developing Russian small-arms
History of developing Russian signal corps
History of developing the Russian Engineers

Special tours: 

Russian artillery in the 14th – 19th centuries
Peter the Great and Russia
Russian wars in the late 18th century
General Field-Marshal M.I. Kutuzov and the War of 1812
Military and state activities of M.I. Kutuzov
History of developing Russian artillery in 1861-1917
Russian Army during World War I
Soviet artillery during World War II
History of developing Russian rocket armament
M.T. Kalashnikov and his assault rifles
Arms Arms of Western Europe in the 15th — 17th centuries